Our Approach

By outsourcing your laboratory services, we provide you with a skilled technician in your facility or can schedule a technician to service your home-bound patients complimentary.
Today’s lifestyle is busy and we understand that convenience and comfort is important to your patients as well as your practice; we can customize to your patients need with our scheduling and in-home service

Our Story

Phlebotomy Medical Services

We recognize the significance that medical phlebotomy services have on the health care industry. We understand that every move influences patients’ lives and the reputation of our clients. You can conveniently request a certified technician to come to your practice to pick up specimen then bring it to our laboratory for processing. Our technicians are trained on the proper policies and procedures of transporting medical specimens and comply with the HAZMAT (Hazardous Material Transportation), OSHA & HIPPA practices.

Enrollment Team

If you are an existing provider and want access to your patients results or would like to request laboratory orders, please contact us so we can help with that information.


Regan McCook

Idriss Joseph

Idriss Joseph


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If you are a physician, home health care agency or any healthcare professional and you are interested in outsourcing your lab work please provide your information and our enrollment team will get you started.